Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shit happens

I'm hereby to remind myself that in life,
shit always happens.

When is the last time you are happy with yourself.
I see people complaining about their lives,
their studies, their works and even parents.

When I was young,
Caught a Pikachu can make me happy for a month.

No wonder clubbing becomes a routine for some people,
No wonder singers who sing about emoness get famous.

Some people say,
Happiness is a state when u r satisfied with what you have.
Some people claim,
That is laziness.

Well, that's your job to find out where is the balance isn't it?


There's something wrong with my blackberry the other day,
The screen had no display when I slide it up and the speaker wasn't working.
I was thinking of changing a new phone but somehow I look up for
the warranty period at Vodafone website.
Surprisingly, the warranty is actually 24 months.

So, I went to one of the outlet and ask them to fix it for me,
and of course, no charge.

The guy told me that I need to wait for about 5-10 working days.
To my surprise, I got a msg on Mon to ask me to pick it up.(I went on Fri)

but it is the same model tho.

No sure if I'm supposed to be happy
Or sad because I need to customize it again.

Considering I'm a rough user and even if they fix my old bb,
they will still wipe off everything in it
So I guess I'm lucky enough to exercise the warranty around 8months
before it ends.

Trust me, I drop it like it's a yoyo, except it never roll back to me.
Or maybe if I drop it hard enough,
I can get another new bb within the next 8months?

Well, shit does happen,
I'm not gonna risk it.

Another chance to treat her better.
I will, I promise. =)


The creative adult is
the child who survived.




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