Monday, January 9, 2012









But anyway,

We don't stop playing because we grow old,
We grow old because we stop playing.

-George Bernard Shaw-

In fact, we never grow up,
We just merely learn how to act in public.
Guess what, I don't like to act,
I like to be childish.

So screw all those people who think I should be acting
Throughout my whole life.

Here's a picture of the dick, IN YOUR FACE.

A big dick on the beach, your argument is invalid.
(Sorry if u find it disturbing, this is just me.)


Stop telling me how to act on the stage,
It's not even your stage.

You don't get to choose when is the judgement day,
And when the story ends.

Just because you are good at getting attention and sympathy,
Doesn't mean that you are right.

Ok, that doesn't make me right either,
But I choose to respect everyone.

Sometimes, it makes me wonder,
Why I don't earn back the respect I deserve?

2010 was a bad year,
2011 was a bad year either,
Can I make 2012 at least the best out of the worst?


Dear Adults,
You might think we haven't gone through the worst part of our lives,
But frankly, how many of you actually care to ask or at least try to understand?
I know all our worries might not even enough to compare with your daily problems,
We just need some respects.

(unrelated pic. =D)


I'm sorry for bringing all the troubles,
But what is life without some spices, right?
You should be grateful at least because of me,
you have something to talk about.

We tend to avoid being in a drama,
We choose to gossip and watch it from outside all the time,
But what goes around, comes around.

I'm waiting for the day,
Where I can sit on the couch and laugh my ass off.

Guess what, I'll still respect you as a professional actor.
Well, that's just me. No hard feelings.
*fist bump*


I was looking at the sky this afternoon,
getting darker and darker.

I know there'll be a downpour shortly.
Then I think of you.

'I'll never be everyone's favorite,
Some of them can't even look me in the eye.

I'll pick up these broken pieces till I'm bleeding
If that would make it right.

Because there'll be no sunlight if you walk out of my life.
Just like how it rains today.'

-It will rain-

And so the rain stops,
I remains awake till now.

Good night.


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