Thursday, January 12, 2012

21 - 95

I was on my way back after dropping my sis.
And so happened that this song was playing on the radio.

It wasn't really worth mentioning if it was sung by Katy Perry.
Because let's face it, everyone likes it and it has been a while now.

Somehow the version I listened to was a cover by a Guy.
I tried searching for Sam Tsui or Jason Chen on youtube,
but they sounded a bit rushy and 'commercialized'.

Anyway, I couldn't find it but
I found this one, which is even better.

Here's the reason why.

This guy's version,
is sung from a guy's perspective.
they change a sentence of the lyric to

'In another life,

Arghh, I also have no idea why
But I actually like it
Because of that changed lyric.



Maybe I'm just a little bit sensitive.
People tend to exaggerate their emotions when they have
Nothing more important to do.

I want to be myself but I want to fit in at the same time.
Is that even possible?

12 days.
11 months to my birthday.

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