Sunday, October 2, 2011


Just wondering,

If I kept eating M&M's,
would I end up having a colourful stomach?

If I took out the car steering,
and put it on a bike,
can I still control the bike?

If you lost all your tuition fees while gambling with your friend,
and it is rather impossible to raise the fund again,
would you consider killing him and make it look like an accident
to get your money back?

If you were stuck in the north pole,
would you consider eating your own flesh to survive?

If the theory of 2 parallel worlds exists,
there's another you living in that world,
better than this you in every sense,
and given a condition where only one of you can survive,
would you give up your life for a better you?

If you were a train conductor,
the train is out of control and u have reach a point where it branches out into 2 lines,
there are a group of children playing at line A, which is a restricted area,
and a little boy playing at line B, a closed down area, which is safe for people.
Which way would you go?

If over populated was your country's biggest issue,
would you stop having sex?

If I answered the question of
"What prevents you from ending your life/suiciding?" with
"Because I haven't had sex yet."
rather than "I have dreams/responsibilities/loves for the people."
for now, as a teenager, would you appreciate my honesty?
Of course that doesn't mean I don't value my life after sex.

If you lost your face during an accident,
would you accept the face donation?

I try to imagine the degree of pain if I got shot on the chest,
I even think of the possibility of controlling my hand after
it is being separated from my body.

I always imagine that I have Wolverine's claws,
and I'm worried that I would cut myself.

These are the things that come popping into my mind unconsciously,
especially while I'm doing nothing or have nothing to focus on.

Would it make me weird?
Is it possible to ask this kind of questions without
getting any weird or disgusted looks in return?

Deep inside my mind,
I always assume that all the people do have things like this in mind,
it's just that they do not voice out as the world perceives this as
wrong or abnormal.

Or maybe my assumption is wrong.
I'm just a weirdo.
But I'm sure that I'm not doing this on purpose
just to get attention.

I can't control what comes in and what don't.


Maybe I'm a sociopath,
but I haven't done anything harmful.
And I hesitated whether to put 'yet' in my previous line.

Maybe I'm just lonely,
Then again, I won't feel lonely
if I hadn't gone through a happening life,
it's all about comparison.
I had a wonderful week.

Does that mean I can't be alone?
Nope, I'm capable of being alone,
as long as there's internet and food.


Maybe I have more than one personality.

I think I need to see a doctor.
No, it's OK. I'm fine.
No, it's not.

I'm just joking.
Oh really?


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