Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Waiting for the end.

I thought as long as there's sunshine,

there's warmth.

I was wrong indeed.

I guess I was held responsible for my mistake.

But come to think of it in depth,

the guilt has turned into hatred.

I hate it when the sunshine isn't warm enough.

I hate it when things don't work as I expected.

Now I blame the wind for being too wrong,

And the sun being too weak.

Enough of blaming me for

not protecting myself from the bloody cold weather,

I know I was wrong.

Can't you hear my sincerity when I apologize?

How much longer u want to it to last?

Can we move on now?

If I wanted to be naked in such a weather,

that would be my choice,

who are you to comment?

One thing for sure,

I have taken enough blame.

Imma walk out from here

To a place where the wind is not that cruel.

Such a hypocrite.

If u still want to fight,

I'm sorry, I won't be the clown. Anymore.

And this would be my last time to apologize.

I'm not your lab rat

Make all the assumptions u like,

Because it’s time for me to walk out from your experiment.

The end.

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