Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Other Truth

"The only subject that I wouldn't nvr pass is
How to understand you 101."


Have been staying up late these days,
For nothing.
How pathetic is that.

Well, isn't that bad I guess,
Can't expect that there would be someone
by my side all the time, right?

Even so,
I wouldn't be there for her all the time,
then why would I ask for that?

How could you understand me
when I can't even understand myself?

I'm the real devil.


Note to myself:
If u open the door, u will finish last.
If u carry her bags, u will finish last.
If u pull out the chair, u will finish last.
If u offer any help, u will finish last.

I'm a badass.
It feels so nice to be a bad guy.

Go ____ yourself.
Now fill *__ the blank, sucker.

A gap of 9 years won't be that big after
another 10 years. Trust me.

1 comment:

  1. Its fill IN the blank, sucker! ;)

    You know who I am.

    hot stuff.