Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Would u rather get a civic now
Or a GTI after another 2 years?


Here's some money,
Go n buy yourself more money.


How to ignore all the gaming requests on facebook?
It's really annoying especially when u r using a

Test and Assignments coming up.
Just a random updates after a while.

Have been planning to make my own
spaghetti on Tues (no class on Wed)
but ended up staying over at fren's place for assignment.

I would rather choose how to earn money fast
than learning how to analyse all the risk and return stock
since 2004.

Dead meat.


I guess I'm already recovered at the moment.
It's not flu or mucus,
it's just too much awesomeness inside me.

P.S My family went HongKong and I'm stuck here in Aussie. =(


Lastly, a video recommended by my psychology tutor,

Those who find it disgusting and try to act normal by
saying I'm insane....

It's ok.
You just don't understand me at the moment.


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