Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 3

It's only week3 and I'm already stress up...
Who said Uni is the most enjoyable time
in your life.


It's a place to train u to be a better
candidate when u r out there fighting
for jobs on your own.

So, how could this training process
be enjoyable?
And it will take at least 3 yrs.
Not to mention if u fail.


Perpetual Motion Squad. (PMS)
No joke, the process is like a
fast moving train.

The only thing tat is different from
the one in INCEPTION is,
U can c where is it taking you to.
With a group of friends n future enemy.



Went Chadstone to hunt for my earphone.
Dont get me wrong, I din spend any money
on transport. The SMART cousin offered me
his metcard as it expires at 3am midnight.

And they actually set up a few booth just to
promote their newly invented Champagne.

Got it for free and they will put a mark on
ur left hand once u take.

I wonder if they would do it in Msia.
Confirm all drinkers will wash their hands
and come back again for the second round.

Well, that came into my mind just now.

Find it quite wasteful for using those disposable
wine glass tho. =/


How's your life on the other side of the world?
I miss you already. =(


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