Thursday, September 3, 2009


Currently fall in love with this picture...

I knw it sounds weird...

History (from Yi Fei):

Keat had break up with her gf.

We din even get to see her gf's face.

How sad!!!

Tan Wei Shen

Hoo Yee Huan
eh .. share this album

Cheah Thean Kheng
wei y we all get the buttock while keat got the head!?!?!?

Hoo Yee Huan
u all don understand de lar ... wei keat so sad ~!

Cheah Thean Kheng
r u sure tis is a cow?

Hoo Yee Huan
if not ?

Cheah Thean Kheng
i don see anything look lik cow..

Hoo Yee Huan
ur eye lousy .. shud go to optician!

Cheah Thean Kheng
wat de hell, who draw tis?

Hoo Yee Huan
tan wei shen lar...

Tan Wei Shen
walao... i never do anything! wat happen to wei keat?

Cheah Thean Kheng
nw i understand y he din take art...

Tan Wei Shen
=.=... wth...

Hoo Yee Huan
true ..

Cheah Thean Kheng
maybe tis is a mutant... i stil havent see smthing lik tis..

Wei Liang (Tarzan) BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!whn happen de?n y?

Hoo Yee Huan
huh .. lik dis muz ask sumbldy come out to clarify le ..wei don dissappear ler

Wei Liang (Tarzan)
cum cum tell the truth...

Koh Keh Xing
y the hell those dots represent 5 of us!? are those flies? that watching over cow.. n then when we knew he broke up wif his gf, we share together.

Cheah Thean Kheng
XXXX.. jz nw hui mei cal me n scold me for spreading tis on facebook.. i tel her its nt me, but she stil scold me.. she said the cow knw tis dy.. i tink its tim 4 him to com out n declare all tis dy.. com on cow! the world is waiting 4 u!!!

Wei Liang
yaya...v all care bout u..

Lim Yi Fei
wei keat a...dun cheng cheng laaaa....come reply somthing...v all vry care u u know....the reason v spread dis news is 2 grab ur attn...

Tan Wei Shen
so wat if u broke up? welcome to single community...

Hoo Yee Huan
i m from single community oso ~

Cheah Thean Kheng
ya me too me too...

Lucca May
N i'm bcum the victim then...So sad

To be continued.......


*P.S 失恋只是个过程,至少你还有这班朋友...

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